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Take your love for your car one step further and really spoil it! Check out our car bespoke detailing services and really pamper your car.

Bespoke Detailing Services

New: Now you can pre-book these services at our highgate branch via this website.

Bespoke Cleaning Service List

Full Valet

Drive Thru Mini Valet and Wax at American CarwashRelease the inner and outer beauty of your car. Vacuum any crumbs away including those hard to reach places and the boot. Thorough upholstery shampoo of seats, carpets, roof and door linings. After cleaning all internal surfaces are given a new natural lustre. Inside windows cleaned. Ideally leave a further 2hrs for seats to dry, or plastic seats covers will be provided. Sensitive hand car clean (incl wheels) using Autoglym products and microfibre-cloths to be gentle on your paintwork. Tyre dressing applied. Autoglym Paint Renovator used to remove traffic film, to return the colour to its show room sparkle, before applying the cherry on the cake: Autoglym radiant wax polish. Restore your car to showroom condition. 

  • Interior Includes
  • Full vacuum
  • Shampoo upholstery/leather cleaned and carpets
  • Roof and door linings cleaned
  • Dashboard and centre console cleaned & rejuvenated
  • Windows cleaned for crystal-clear vision

Exterior Includes:

  • Deep clean all the paintwork and wheels
  • Hand wash and dry Buff paintwork to restore the shine
  • Apply Autoglym radiant wax polishing of the paintwork and chrome
  • Clean the windows for crystal clear vision

Cost: £120

Exterior Valet

Outside Only at American Carwash

Deep exterior clean of individual areas available from £20.

Full exterior valet £65

Individual areas Cost from: £20.00

Interior Valet

Drive Thru Inside and Out at American Carwash

Deep interior clean of individual areas available from £20.

Full interior valet £65

Individual areas Cost from: £20.00

High Definition Wax

High definition wax at American CarwashHigh Definition Wax is quite simply our finest product. The result of 40 years of product research and development, this expertly crafted wax is individually filled and inspected before being carefully air cooled ensuring it is suitable for use on the world’s finest vehicles. High Definition Wax contains a carefully balanced, yet complex blend of polymers, carnauba and microcrystalline waxes. Treated surfaces display a very high gloss combined with exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants including salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain and industrial fallout. The product is completely free of abrasives, water and emulsifiers. 

Pro Tip: This easy to use wax should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible. If your wax smears as you buff it off, you have used too much.

Cost: £50

Leather Clean & Protect

Leather Clean at American CarwashTreat the leather upholstery of your car to a clean and feed. Leather requires a special set of products to ensure these hard wearing, yet chemically sensitive surfaces, remain in perfect condition. Leather Cleaner is a pH neutral formula that can safely be used on all interior leather surfaces. If you are unsure whether something is real leather, it can be safely used on faux leather too. Leather Cleaner will not add a shine to your seat, but leave it with a natural matt finish. It is free of silicones and other masking agents that can leave an unpleasant feel to your interior. 

Pro Tip: Looking after your leather interior will stop it from cracking and keep it looking new.

Cost: £40

Soft top clean

Tailor made clean to bring your soft top back to life, removes mould, tree sap, soiling and stains from natural and synthetic fabrics. Perfect for sunshine or rain!

Cost: (individual areas) from £20

Air con sanitiser

Keep your air conditioning system in tip top condition and smelling fresh!

Your air con system can be contaminated by bacteria which can build up and create bad odours and a poorly functioning A/C system. Our air con sanitiser will eliminate bacteria and odours and refresh your entire A/C system

Cost: £20

Rain Repellent Treatment

Rain Repellent Treatment

Water repellent for windscreen, improves wet weather visibility and safety by creating an invisible hydrophobic coating to repel rain, sleet, and snow.

Front and back windscreen from £10

AutoGlym Radiant wax polish

Autoglym Radiant polishSensitive hand polish to restore and protect your paintwork in one operation leaving an outstanding deep gloss finish. New, improved formulation beads like a wax and has exceptional durability. Suitable for use on all paint types. Gives great results on weathered or oxidised and quality paintwork. 

Pro Tip: If your car lives on the street we recommend you get it polished four times a year, so to get your car your car polished every three months. Available with any Outside only or Inside & Out drive thru service. Available at all branches.

Cost: £17

Disinfection Clean Only

Disinfection clean and wipe down serviceAntibacterial Antiviral wipe down hard surfaces

Cost: £25

Scratch removal

Cost: from £15

Snow Foam

snow foam at American CarwashCost: £5 with any service

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