Frequently Asked Questions on Washing Cars

Can I use washing-up liquid on my car?

You can but you won’t like the results. Washing-up liquid will remove any wax and leave your paint work looking dull. Removing the wax also removes paint work protection.

What should I do if a bird poops on my car?

Don’t let bird poop dry on your car. Remove it as soon as possible. Because bird poop contains acid which will crack your paint work. We recommend that you keep a pack of Autoglym bird poop removal wipes in your car for occasions like this.

Can you get rid of bird poop stains?

If the bird poop is still on the car, we’ll do our best to remove it. But once bird poop has dried on the car it may have damaged the paint work permanently. It’s best to remove bird poop before it dries.

What brand of products do you use?

Now there are many different products you can clean your car with…… over the years we’ve tested pretty much all of the products on the market but the best (in our eyes) is the Autoglym range. Which is why your car can experience these top of the range products in all of the branches. Just like picking the right shampoo for your hair, the team members in the American Carwash branches will pick the right products for your car when it goes through the wash.

How often should I get my car polished?

If it lives on the street we recommend four times a year.

What's the benefit of polishing my car?

It will help the appearance, it protects the paintwork and help with your resale value.

How often should I get the inside of my car cleaned?

Fleet customers come to us about three times a week for an inside clean. But you’re really the best one to determine this.

How often should I get the outside of my car cleaned?

Whenever you have something on the paintwork which might cause damage, such as tree sap, bird poop and traffic film and most importantly whenever you’re going to see your mother.

What's the best way to clean the inside of my windows between washes?

White vinegar and brown paper, newspaper works well too, but avoid dripping it on the dashboard.

Do I need to book for an outside only clean?

No, just pop along to any of our branches.

How can I book my car in for a valet?

Fill out the valet request form on the website or call 020 7278 0600.

How long does a drive-through wash take?

We aim to have you though the service from reception to exit within 15 minutes.

Do I have to stay with my car during a valet?

We only request that you stay with your car during a drive-through service. This isn’t needed for a valet. All of our sites are close to public transport.

What's the best way to get rid of vomit from car upholstery?

Come into any one of our branches and ask for an interior valet, and let our cleaning team do the messy work for you.

What does American Carwash do to protect the environment?

American Carwash Company is fully aware of the need to protect the environment and scarce resources such as water. Where possible we recycle our water, and all of our branches discharge water to a sewer via three-stage interceptors. Where proper drainage isn’t available we use Autoglym waterless detailer. The chemicals we choose are those which will do the best job and the least damage to the environment.


I prefer to use this car wash because they are more professional and the car looks great.

Sulton, London

"A very friendly bunch"

As always a very friendly bunch and a super service I have a little dog who they all adore and they filled up my water bottle for me for her.

Customer, Highgate

"Real grafters"

I think this American Car Wash Company are the best car washers ever. They are real grafters so what a great service you provide. Thanks so much! My car looks like new. I will definitely come again.

Customer, Highgate


American Carwash Company always do an efficient job.

D. Bolsom, Fleet Driver from London

Mud? No problem

The car had just come back from a camping trip! Very muddy! Car looked amazing once cleaned.

Customer, St Johns Wood