Being a parent I try to stop the kids from eating in the car, but this isn’t always possible. Especially when you’re trying to keep the kids awake or on long journeys. So a few packets of raisins, an irresponsible croissant and some rice cakes later and the car seat resembles something you feel somewhat guilty strapping your freshly dressed kids into.

Now I also try to vacuum the car seats regularly (New Years Resolutions an all) so assumed that they were ‘clean’. But it wasn’t until a recent long journey when my youngster threw up all over the car seat, and I tried to take the cover off, did I discover all the crumbs (and raisins) lurking under the covers. Have you ever tried to take these covers off?! It’s impossible without watching a YouTube clip, don’t even get me started on how difficult it is to dry the seat covers after and when do you find a window to do this all whilst also looking after the little munch-kins?

This is where the value of a car seat valet from American Carwash really comes into it’s own. For only £9.95 the team will valet your children’s car seats, whilst you shop and the seats will be dry and ready to use when you return. They vacuum the seat, including all those hard to reach places, hand clean the seat with Autoglym special non-biological cleaner including getting all of the ground in muck out of the straps, then to finish off the seat is steam-cleaned to kill any bacteria which might be lurking.

This isn’t a quick job and the team spend around 45 minutes on each seat but when you return to your car, the seat will be gleaming and as close to new as possible. This is only available at Brent Cross at the moment. No booking required just pop along to the valet bays and get yours done.