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I thought I’d talk about getting ready for Winter in this blog post, as you’re probably sick of Christmas talk already and it’s not even December yet.

My first question is to ask if your car lives on a garage or on the street or Driveway. If it lives outside it’s very exposed to the elements and our experts here and those at Autoglym recommend that you treat your car to a polish four times a year. I know you might groan at the mere mention of four times. But one of most important ones is the pre-winter Polish. (If it lives all nice and tucked up in a garage, you might get away with twice a year).

With one of the worst winters predicted for 60 years, we’re all going to be digging out the thermals and woolly hats. To protect ourselves from the elements, well the same goes for your car. The polish works by adding a layer of protection to your paintwork.

The American Carwash team can polish up your car ready for winter for you when you come through any of our branches, no need to book, just add a Radiant Wax Polish on next time you come.

The Radiant Wax Polish by Autoglym which the specialist teams at American Carwash use is suitable for all paint types but can’t be used if your car has been wrapped. We searched long and hard to find a product which we’re so happy to recommend to you.

Plus you can take advantage of the December offer of £1 off a Radiant Wax Polish by printing out the coupon from the Offers page

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